2011 Holiday Homes Tour

1115 cedar

1115 N Cedar – the Geists’ Home

There isn’t much that Rich and Lorraine Geist haven’t done to their house. Find out more about the Geists’ home.

802 n olive

802 N. Olive – the Hoffarts’ Home

Hope Hoffart had no way of knowing that a forgotten cup of coffee would lead her to the answer to her prayers. Find out more about the Hoffarts’ home.

910 nw 2nd

910 NW 2nd Street – the Hights’ Home

Lyle Hight says their 1912 Craftsman cottage was love at first sight for his wife, Jane. Find out more about the Hights’ home.

604 NW 3rd

604 NW 3rd Street – the Shaws’ Home

Every day is a little bit Christmas at Rick and Sharon Shaw’s home. But during the holidays, it’s REALLY Christmas! Find out more about the Shaws’ home.

#14 Red Bud Lake – the Sextons’ Home

Built in the 1930s, the cabin owned by Jan and Ted Sexton at #14 Red Bud Lake is 500 square feet of inside that’s all about being outside. Find out more about the Sextons’ home. 

510 nw 7th

510 NW 7th – the Marshalls’ Home

This house had it all, or so it seemed.  It was missing one thing, says Dee. Find out more about the Marshalls’ home.