2014 Holiday Homes Tour

118 ne 6th

118 NE 6th – the Ruffeners’ Home

Among people who know him, Chad is sometimes called “Mr. Christmas,” a nod to his dedication to all-out decorating at Christmas time. Find out more about the Ruffeners’ home.

1341 2200 ave

1341 2200 Avenue – the Purdues’ Home

Spoiler alert: living in a stone barn is nothing like living in a single-wide trailer. Find out more about the Purdues’ home.

1608 n campbell

1608 N. Campbell

Post-war America was a time of rapid growth, a celebration of emerging technology and optimism. It also gave rise to a distinctive architecture, in particular the single story ranch style home. Find more about 1608 N. Campbell.

2331 west st_detroit

2331 West St, Detroit – the Schoolhouse

A personal basketball court is one of the perks of living in a building that was originally a schoolhouse. Find out more about the Schoolhouse.

2002 n mulberry

2002 N. Mulberry – the Clarks’ Home

Bill and Andrea Clark’s home may look new but what makes it special to the Clarks are the memories invoked there. As a military family, they have lived in many places, including two stints in Germany. Find out more about the Clarks’ home.

st. andrews

311 S. Buckeye – St. Andrew’s Catholic Church

Almost as quickly as pioneers settled into the community that would officially become Abilene, its Catholic members began worshiping together. Find out more about St. Andrew’s Catholic Church.