2016 Holiday Homes Tour

1204 n buckeye

1204 N. Buckeye – the Hollands’ Home

It has been observed that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Find out more about the Hollands’ home.

1003 n buckeye

1003 N Buckeye – the Meysenburg’s Home

Downsizing has become quasi-fashionable, but 45 years ago Shirley Meysenburg was looking to upsize. Find out more about the Meysenburgs’ home.

804 n kuney

804 N. Kuney – the Soelters’ Home

Laura Soelter says she doesn’t speak French but you might think otherwise when you go through her house. Find out more about the Soelters’ home.

red bud lake

Red Bud Lake, 2191 Eden Rd.

Red Bud has been a getaway for Abilene area residents for nearly a century now. The 8-acre lake was artificially made in the 1920s, using horses and mules to dig out the soil in the path of a small creek that empties into the Smoky Hill River to the south. Find out more about Red Bud Lake, 2191 Eden Rd.

Seeyle Christmas

1105 N. Buckeye – the Seelye Mansion

The Seelye Mansion is one of the finest historic homes in Kansas. Find out more about the Seelye Mansion.

eisenhower home

201 SE 4th – Eisenhower Boyhood Home

What makes the house so special, of course, isn’t its design. It’s the fact that one of those boys was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who went on to play a central role in World War II, and then became one of the most popular presidents in America’s history. Find out more about the Eisenhower Boyhood Home. 

brethern in christ church

1005 N. Buckeye – Brethren in Christ Church

There is nothing ostentatious about the church and its leaders saw that fitting the church’s mission perfectly. Find out more about the Brethren in Christ Church.