Red Bud Lake, 2191 Eden Rd.

red bud lake

It would be fair to say this was an impulse buy.

Terry Jackson, who lives in Tucson, had come to Abilene last December to be with her mother, who was gravely ill. Her mother died a couple weeks later, and in the days following Terry took a ride out to Red Bud Lake, mostly as a distraction.

“I saw a small cabin for sale,” she says. “Upon opening the door to the cabin, I fell in love.” It was like a “ray of light piercing the bleakness and sorrow of the passing of my mother.”

Within a week she had closed on the deal.

Red Bud has been a getaway for Abilene area residents for nearly a century now. The 8-acre lake was artificially made in the 1920s, using horses and mules to dig out the soil in the path of a small creek that empties into the Smoky Hill River to the south.

County tax records show the cabin as being built in 1925, which would make it one of the original structures established there. The Red Bud Lake Association organized in 1928.

The cabin is not much larger than a so-called tiny house. When Terry bought it, it was 468 square feet, consisting of a primary living area, a four-by-six foot bathroom, and a screened in porch on the lake side.

But big on charm.

“Such a surprise!” she said. “Quirky. Colorful. Unusual. Inviting.”

She has since walled-in the porch, creating a second room. She is looking foward to the cabin being a place to share with her sisters and their families.

“The deck, the lake, beautiful sunsets,” she says. “A perfect place to stay connected and create family memories.”


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